Water Damage Photo Gallery

Air movers in kitchen.

Warping Floors Is A Sign Of Water Damage

If you notice that your floors begin to warp, it is a sign that your property is suffering from a water damage event. 

You can count on our SERVPRO of Santa Barbara team to be there to assist you with all your water damage cleanup and restoration needs! Once the damage has been mitigated, we will repair the affected areas.

Exposed ceilings in home.

Rainstorm In Ellwood Damages The Ceiling Of This Home

A roof in this Ellwood home exposed the ceiling below and when a rainstorm pulled through the area, the water quickly seeped through and caused a ton of damage to the ceilings. The ceiling had too much damage and needed to be removed.

Infrared camera scanning ceiling.

Infrared Cameras Are Awesome!

Our infrared cameras are awesome! They quickly help us locate any hidden moisture present on your Santa Barbara property. It is so important to find any areas with moisture present in order to properly and efficiently mitigate your loss.

SERVPRO can't save everything. Delaminated water damaged carpet is total loss

Although SERVPRO trys to save as much as possible trying to save what is obviously not salvageable ble can also be a wast of money and time. Older carpet that has fallen apart should be extracted and thrown out. Most insurance companies want a one foot by one foot sample saved for evaluating the total loss carpet’s value for replacement. 

documentation made easier for water losses

Salute taking the time to update the SERVPRO DryBook Mobile app on the iPad for this water loss in Ventura. Our paperless systems allow real time documentation for everyone that needs to know and they can see every step of the drying process.

infrared cameras help find water damage!

This large hotel in Solvang Ca had a water leak. But, where did it go and where did it come from? IR cameras our one of our favorite tools at SERVPRO of Santa Barbara. Call us out and we will find it! 

Impossible drying made possible!

Impossible to dry? Not for SERVPRO of Santa Barbara!
Javier has worked with SERVPRO of Santa Barbara for 8 years and he knows a trick or two on how to get that water soaked beam dry on this home in Santa Ynez!

SERVPRO van parked in front of a home while technicians unload equipment

1-4-8 on time every time!

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara often exceeds our time stamp promise! 1 hour call back, show up in 4 hours and update loss information in 8 hours. Arriving for emergency service at this Santa Ynez home in a little over a hour.

drying equipment set and running in a crawl space

Water Damage – Montecito Dehumidifier

Water damage at this Carpinteria residence required the use of a portable desiccant dehumidifier as shown. Water damage cleanup often requires dehumidification to aid the drying process. We found a way to make the equipment fit for this project. You can count on the latest equipment and procedures being used to facilitate your water repair. If water has caused issues at your home or business, call SERVPRO of Santa Barbara 24/7 at (805) 963-0606.

water damage

Flood Damage in Santa Barbara

Carpet Cleanup

Flood damage in Santa Barbara often leaves carpeting soaked and soiled. SERVPRO trucks are commonly equipped with extraction units as the one pictured here. These commercial extractors are designed to remove the maximum amount of floodwater damage in the shortest time possible. If you need help to clean up a flood, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Santa Barbara 24/7 at (805) 963-0606. We provide 24-hour emergency service.