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using an infrared camera to help see a wet wall and ceiling in a home that has fresh water damage

Infrared cameras are great tool to find where the water may have gone

Infrared Cameras are a great tool to help find where the water went. The cameras can see temperature on surfaces. Often water will change the temperature of drywall and plaster from the dry portion. What is seen in the IR camera must be verified with a calibrated moister meter. SERVPRO does not charge for water damage inspections during business hours. If you are concerned something might be wet give SERVPRO a call.

Honey in the wall!

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara got a call that there was a hive in the wall in home in Santa Barbara but, they weren't sure where exactly...

Bees generate heat and the IR camera found the hive and a local bee keeper got the queen and safely moved the hive with minimal damage to the home.