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measuring the drywall flood cut

proper flood cut

Removing water-damaged drywall may seem straightforward, but SERVPRO approaches this task with careful consideration. We meticulously manage dust and ensure a precise, straight cut. In properties with slab construction, it's crucial to keep the new drywall slightly elevated from the concrete. This precaution prevents the drywall from absorbing moisture from the concrete, which could lead to future mold growth. Typically, drywall is available in 4x8 foot sheets, with a standard height of 4 feet. When performing a flood cut, SERVPRO strategically cuts the drywall to 2 feet and an additional half-inch — making it 2 feet and 1/2 inch in total. This technique allows for splitting the sheet in half to a height of 2 feet, and when installed, it maintains a 1/2 inch gap above the concrete floor, ensuring safety and durability

a certificate from the IICRC

IICRC Certified Firm in Santa Barbara, CA

There are many different companies out there offering restoration services.  One of the many reasons why you would select SERVPRO of Santa Barbara is because we have Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.  This means our technicians set themselves a part through training, experience and comprehensive examination — IICRC certification helps to immediately identify the cleaning, restoration and inspection industry’s most skilled and dedicated technicians and businesses.

Air movers in kitchen.

Warping Floors Is A Sign Of Water Damage

If you notice that your floors begin to warp, it is a sign that your property is suffering from a water damage event. 

You can count on our SERVPRO of Santa Barbara team to be there to assist you with all your water damage cleanup and restoration needs! Once the damage has been mitigated, we will repair the affected areas.

Woman cleaning air duct in ceiling.

It Is Important To Regularly Maintenance Your HVAC Unit

Regular maintenance of your HVAC unit and air ducts are is important for longevity in your machine's life and in order to improve your indoor air quality.

If you are in need of our cleaning services, don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO team a call!

Exterior damage to Santa Ynez home after a tree fell.

Massive Tree Falls On Home

A powerful windstorm in Santa Ynez caused a massive tree to fall over on this home. The size of the tree resulted in a ton of interior and exterior damage to the home. Luckily, no one was hurt and our team could quickly begin the restoration process!

Exposed ceilings in home.

Rainstorm In Ellwood Damages The Ceiling Of This Home

A roof in this Ellwood home exposed the ceiling below and when a rainstorm pulled through the area, the water quickly seeped through and caused a ton of damage to the ceilings. The ceiling had too much damage and needed to be removed.

Infrared camera scanning ceiling.

Infrared Cameras Are Awesome!

Our infrared cameras are awesome! They quickly help us locate any hidden moisture present on your Santa Barbara property. It is so important to find any areas with moisture present in order to properly and efficiently mitigate your loss.

Many air dryers in commercial hallway.

Commercial Water Experts Near You

A water loss on your commercial property in Goleta, CA, not only brings daily operations to a halt but can be way too difficult and overwhelming to handle on your own. You can count on our SERVPRO of Santa Barbara team to be there to take care of all your water damage cleanup and restoration needs!

Fire damage to kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Fire in Santa Barbara

There is no question that a fire damage event can be devastating and overwhelming. If your home in Santa Barbara, CA, suffers from a fire, you can trust that our SERVPRO team can be there to help with all your fire, soot, and smoke damage cleanup & restoration needs.

Award from Experise

Best Water Damage Company in Santa Barbara - Expertise

We are proud to announce that were ranked as one of the 7 Best Water Damage Restoration Services in Santa Barbara from! Whether it is a drip or a flood, SERVPRO of Santa Barbara and SERVPRO of Santa Ynez/Golea has the available resources to be able to handle your water damage.

SERVPRO crew in front of a large Atlantic Beach sign

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez/Goleta will travel.

After hurricane Florance passed through Atlantic Beach SERVPRO of Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez/Goleta answered the call to help the local SERVPRO franchises help clean up the devastation. Our crews worked hard for six weeks helping business owners and homeowners get their life back. 

worker in full PPE using a ULV fogger

SERVPRO using a ULV fogger to apply SERVPROXIDE™

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara & Santa Ynez/Goleta uses ULV (ultra low volume) Foggers which atomize liquid agents, producing a fine mist that easily penetrates sites where odor-causing residues accumulate. The ULV Fogger can also be used to apply SERVPROXIDE™ on surfaces or If needed, the ULV Fogger can also be used to inject SERVPROXIDE™ into wall cavities and other difficult-to-access areas such as confined spaces.

Thermal Foggers can also dispense solvent-based products in large volume, dense fogs suitable for confined areas. The fog consists of tiny particles of deodorant solution that pair with and neutralize odor-causing particles.

The ULV is a great tool but should be used with PPE, critical barriers / containment and managed airflow. 

using an infrared camera to help see a wet wall and ceiling in a home that has fresh water damage

Infrared cameras are great tool to find where the water may have gone

Infrared Cameras are a great tool to help find where the water went. The cameras can see temperature on surfaces. Often water will change the temperature of drywall and plaster from the dry portion. What is seen in the IR camera must be verified with a calibrated moister meter. SERVPRO does not charge for water damage inspections during business hours. If you are concerned something might be wet give SERVPRO a call.

The Calm Before the Storm in Buellton

The smoke makes for a pretty sunset.  The pink glow of the sun tells us that there is a fire burning someplace nearby. Unfortunately it is a sight that is happening too often here in Santa Barbara as wildfires become a year-round phenomena.  When it affects your home, SERVPRO of Santa Barbara is here to help!

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat...

Well if there WAS snow in Santa Barbara, that would not deter us from our job either.  In the meanwhile, we do not let ANY of the elements that we DO have here in town prevent us from doing our job.  The technicians from SERVPRO of Santa Barbara go out in whatever weather is presented to us and we welcome the opportunity to help you!

Locally Owned, Nationally Connected

Recently, SERVPRO of Santa Barbara has been helping out with fire losses resulting from the Woolsey Fire.  One of the great things about SERVPRO is that even though we are a local company, we are able to draw on nationwide resources. There is never a job of any size that we are not able to scale up to and handle for you.

Faster to Any Disaster

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara is very proud of our latest acquisition...a 2018 Dodge Charger.  We actually use GPS tracking in all of our vehicles so the driver of this vehicle won't really be speeding but this car sure looks like it is faster to any disaster!  

SERVPRO Goes on the Road

Recently, SERVPRO of Santa Barbara had the privilege of helping some of the victims of Hurricane Florence.  SERVPRO is a national franchise and when the call goes out for help, franchises from across the country respond.  We ended up sending three crews to North Carolina and were able to see the devastation first-hand. We were glad to be able to make a difference for those affected.  We are also grateful that hurricanes do not come to California.

State Street Storefront Has Water Damage From Above

SERVPRO knows how difficult business is under normal circumstances but when water or fire are added to the mix it can be almost impossible! SERVPRO works hard to get things done as quickly as possible.

This store was shut down for only a few weeks which seems like a long time but there was a lot to do! Pack out inventory, water mitigation, city permitting, rebuild and move back in. 

This empty apartment suffered a sewer backup

This empty apartment had a back water backup overflow the toilet and was unnoticed for weeks. The smell and microbial growth was as bad as it gets! This property manager called SERVPRO of Santa Barbara as soon as it was discovered. SERVPRO use only EPA registered antimicrobials with have certified kill lists and can be counted on to do the job. 

Once the area was sanitized SERVPRO removed all of the nonstructural building materials and sanitized again before drying and detail cleaning the structure. 

The aftermath of a fire in a Santa Barbara laundromat

Devastating Laundromat Fire

Often it is tempting for Santa Barbara business owners to start work immediately after a devastating fire like the one in the photo above. Once the fire is out the first thing is to evaluate the structure integrity and if need shore up any weak or dangerous areas and then secure the property. Once test results are available a scope of work can be made for adjuster and city/county approval and permits pulled once planning, adjuster and owner has approved the work. 

SERVPRO can't save everything. Delaminated water damaged carpet is total loss

Although SERVPRO trys to save as much as possible trying to save what is obviously not salvageable ble can also be a wast of money and time. Older carpet that has fallen apart should be extracted and thrown out. Most insurance companies want a one foot by one foot sample saved for evaluating the total loss carpet’s value for replacement. 

Bedroom flooded from a recent storm caused mold growth

This Montecito home bedroom flooded from a recent storm causing mold growth.

SERVPRO quickly contained the area off, set up negative air machines and removed the water damaged nonstructural building materials.

Once the structure was dry SERVPRO cleaned up the area and got it ready for third party clearance testing so it could be put back together.

Winter storms and plugged drains flooded this office

It is important to check gutters and drains before winter storms come. They are often plugged up with debris such, as leaves from fall. A plugged drain caused flood damage to this office in Goleta. SERVPRO quickly extracted the standing water and set up drying equipment. 

Mold Found Behind a Dresser in a Santa Barbara Apartment

Most molds like little air movement, low light / dark, something organic to eat and moisture. It was the perfect place to grow behind this dresser after the wall got wet. SERVPRO immediately contained the mold damaged area and started the remediation work.  

SERVPRO spraying antimicrobial at the Lompoc Theater

SERVPRO treats all mold and bacteria with EPA approved antimicrobial as a first step to remediation. After treatment and critical barriers or containment is setup engineered air movement is setup next. Once these things are in place work can safely start.

Smoke and soot damage on the ceiling of a Summerland home.

Test Cleaning After a Fire

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara will test clean areas to see how to proceed overall. This smoke damaged ceiling in Summerland was cleaned without the need for painting. This is know as clean to clean meaning no other work will be needed after cleaning is complete. 

SERVPRO set up drying equipment

This Santa Barbara home flooded during our last winter storms this year. SERVPRO removed wet carpet in the bed room and sanitized as needed. Once everything was disinfected SERVPRO set up drying equipment as needed. 

Storm damage home flooded in Solvang

After heavy rains SERVPRO used a IR (infrared) camera to help find all the damage. IR cameras make quick work of finding water damaged areas. Although the IR camera does not see wet or dry water is often a different temperature and evaporation creates a cooling effect.  

Hidden mold in Montecito

This home in Montecito had water intrusions from a outside deck above living space. You should inspect decks over living spaces every few years and have a relationship with a good contractor to make sure it stays sealed. Unfortunately SERVPRO see failed decks too often. SERVPRO of Santa Barbara can work with your contractor to remedy these types of issues that can cause serous damage. 

SERVPRO can respond to any size storm disaster

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara has the ability to respond to any size storm call. with over 1700 offices in the United States we can help. This Santa Ynez building suffered from water damage during our last winter storm.

SERVPRO techs restoring a car port in Santa Barbara, CA.

Carport fire in Santa Barbara

Car fires can be tough to clean up. Car fires are burned plastic, fuel and oils but, with elbow grease and the right chemicals, this Santa Barbara carport was cleaned, rebuilt and painted to make it "Like it never even happened." 

The mold is up and ready for testing in this Santa Barbara apartment.

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara works with many property managers in the Santa Barbara area. They know we come up with quick solutions to problems and heave right equipment to get it done!

This apartment master bedroom is mold free and ready for clearance testing just after a few days of work! 

Keeping things moving and open during mold remediation

Keeping this Goleta business up and running during mold cleanup was SERVPRO of Santa Barbara's priority. It is important to be creative and solve the bigger problems at hand. 

In this case SERVPRO of Santa Barbara was able to keep this control room up and running by making a confined work space under the counter. Only about two feet of linear lower drywall needed to be removed. SERVPRO made a small containment sealed to the counter top and creatively set up a small negative air machine.

This saved time and money and kept things running for this company while still allowing access to this room and it’s controls.

SERVPRO can be creative when it comes to getting things dried out

A little coil ducting and lay flat ducting can go a long ways to getting the hard to reach area dry. This Carpentaria Commercail building had a hard to reach water damage that was dried from the out side in. Saving the property manager loss of use issues.

smoke detectors kept this fire from getting completely out of control!

The family in this Buellton home made it to safety in the middle of the night when the stove top hood vent caught on fire in their kitchen. The oldest boy of the family was able to use fire extinguisher to put the fire out.Relatively small amount of smoke and soot damage and no one was injured.

Please test those smoke detectors and keep fire extinguishers near by.

water damage can compromise structural integrity

Sometimes we think water damage to a building can just be a inconvenience or only a issue for some people with allergies or compromised immune system. A water damage left alone or not undetected can cause major structural damage and can make a building unsafe. This Commercail building needed the exterior wall rebuild.

IR (infrared) cameras can make fast work of finding water damaged areas.

Although IR cameras only see temperature differences it can make fast work of finding water damage in a large area quickly. A few things make this happen. The water is often a different temperature then the material it has soaked into and evaporation causes a cooling effect. Only part of this Santa Ynez restaurant was only shut down for a short time. SERVPRO made it "Like it never even happened."

removing the odor and keeping the doors open for business

This commercial office building in Goleta had a flood that caused some bad odors. SERVPRO was able to use a Hydroxyl Generator to remove odor and help purify the area. They can be safely used around people, pets and plants a are minimally disruptive. The Hydroxyl Generators allowed parts of the office area to stay productive during the cleanup.

documentation made easier for water losses

Salute taking the time to update the SERVPRO DryBook Mobile app on the iPad for this water loss in Ventura. Our paperless systems allow real time documentation for everyone that needs to know and they can see every step of the drying process.

Saving is saving money and time

Javier with SERVPRO of Santa Barbara taking the time to save baseboard in this Buellton home for reuse. carefully removing the baseboard , pulling nails and marking the back so when it time for repairs it goes back on the same wall / place. this saves material costs and time (getting the material, cutting and less painting).

infrared cameras help find water damage!

This large hotel in Solvang Ca had a water leak. But, where did it go and where did it come from? IR cameras our one of our favorite tools at SERVPRO of Santa Barbara. Call us out and we will find it! 

Impossible drying made possible!

Impossible to dry? Not for SERVPRO of Santa Barbara!
Javier has worked with SERVPRO of Santa Barbara for 8 years and he knows a trick or two on how to get that water soaked beam dry on this home in Santa Ynez!

SERVPRO van parked in front of a home while technicians unload equipment

1-4-8 on time every time!

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara often exceeds our time stamp promise! 1 hour call back, show up in 4 hours and update loss information in 8 hours. Arriving for emergency service at this Santa Ynez home in a little over a hour.

Honey in the wall!

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara got a call that there was a hive in the wall in home in Santa Barbara but, they weren't sure where exactly...

Bees generate heat and the IR camera found the hive and a local bee keeper got the queen and safely moved the hive with minimal damage to the home.

Broken window in a bedroom from high winds

Storm Damage to Santa Barbara Home

Storm damage to this Santa Barbara home occurred during the night when high winds that accompanied the storm broke a window in the bedroom. SERVPRO was called for emergency board up during the storm to prevent additional water damage. We immediately cranked up the water removal equipment also to extract water that had already entered the home. When the rain subsided, we set up air movers and dehumidifiers to complete the drying job. The homeowners were thankful that we had been able to help them avert any further disaster. 

If storm damage threatens your home or business, call SERVPRO of Santa Barbara 24/7 at (805) 963-0606.

drying equipment set and running in a crawl space

Water Damage – Montecito Dehumidifier

Water damage at this Carpinteria residence required the use of a portable desiccant dehumidifier as shown. Water damage cleanup often requires dehumidification to aid the drying process. We found a way to make the equipment fit for this project. You can count on the latest equipment and procedures being used to facilitate your water repair. If water has caused issues at your home or business, call SERVPRO of Santa Barbara 24/7 at (805) 963-0606.

cleaning equipment

Clean Up Equipment

We Have What You Need

Fire damage at Goleta home required content cleaning. We packed out the contents and transported them to our facility for cleaning. We used a commercial ultrasonic cleaner to restore contents affected by water, smoke, and fire damage. This specialized equipment is more efficient and thorough than other methods of cleaning. If fire damage and smoke leave their mark on the contents of your property after the fire has been extinguished, call SERVPRO of Santa Barbara 24/7 at (805) 963-0606. We have the advanced equipment and methods to restore your belongings.

water damage

Flood Damage in Santa Barbara

Carpet Cleanup

Flood damage in Santa Barbara often leaves carpeting soaked and soiled. SERVPRO trucks are commonly equipped with extraction units as the one pictured here. These commercial extractors are designed to remove the maximum amount of floodwater damage in the shortest time possible. If you need help to clean up a flood, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Santa Barbara 24/7 at (805) 963-0606. We provide 24-hour emergency service.

worker wearing protective equipment while sanding and HEPA vacuuming in a contained work area

Mold Damage Remediation

Our Emergency Services

Mold damage remediation up close in Solvang. The end stages of mold removal being performed in this photo clearly illustrates the effectiveness of SERVPRO's methods and cleaning compounds. Mold spores can present several potential health effects making it imperative to remove mold infestations as quickly as possible. If you discover mold damage at your home or place of business, call SERVPRO of Santa Barbara.