Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Found Behind a Dresser in a Santa Barbara Apartment

Most molds like little air movement, low light / dark, something organic to eat and moisture. It was the perfect place to grow behind this dresser after the wall got wet. SERVPRO immediately contained the mold damaged area and started the remediation work.  

SERVPRO spraying antimicrobial at the Lompoc Theater

SERVPRO treats all mold and bacteria with EPA approved antimicrobial as a first step to remediation. After treatment and critical barriers or containment is setup engineered air movement is setup next. Once these things are in place work can safely start.

Hidden mold in Montecito

This home in Montecito had water intrusions from a outside deck above living space. You should inspect decks over living spaces every few years and have a relationship with a good contractor to make sure it stays sealed. Unfortunately SERVPRO see failed decks too often. SERVPRO of Santa Barbara can work with your contractor to remedy these types of issues that can cause serous damage. 

The mold is up and ready for testing in this Santa Barbara apartment.

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara works with many property managers in the Santa Barbara area. They know we come up with quick solutions to problems and heave right equipment to get it done!

This apartment master bedroom is mold free and ready for clearance testing just after a few days of work! 

Keeping things moving and open during mold remediation

Keeping this Goleta business up and running during mold cleanup was SERVPRO of Santa Barbara's priority. It is important to be creative and solve the bigger problems at hand. 

In this case SERVPRO of Santa Barbara was able to keep this control room up and running by making a confined work space under the counter. Only about two feet of linear lower drywall needed to be removed. SERVPRO made a small containment sealed to the counter top and creatively set up a small negative air machine.

This saved time and money and kept things running for this company while still allowing access to this room and it’s controls.

worker wearing protective equipment while sanding and HEPA vacuuming in a contained work area

Mold Damage Remediation

Our Emergency Services

Mold damage remediation up close in Solvang. The end stages of mold removal being performed in this photo clearly illustrates the effectiveness of SERVPRO's methods and cleaning compounds. Mold spores can present several potential health effects making it imperative to remove mold infestations as quickly as possible. If you discover mold damage at your home or place of business, call SERVPRO of Santa Barbara.