Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire damage to kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Fire in Santa Barbara

There is no question that a fire damage event can be devastating and overwhelming. If your home in Santa Barbara, CA, suffers from a fire, you can trust that our SERVPRO team can be there to help with all your fire, soot, and smoke damage cleanup & restoration needs.

The aftermath of a fire in a Santa Barbara laundromat

Devastating Laundromat Fire

Often it is tempting for Santa Barbara business owners to start work immediately after a devastating fire like the one in the photo above. Once the fire is out the first thing is to evaluate the structure integrity and if need shore up any weak or dangerous areas and then secure the property. Once test results are available a scope of work can be made for adjuster and city/county approval and permits pulled once planning, adjuster and owner has approved the work. 

Smoke and soot damage on the ceiling of a Summerland home.

Test Cleaning After a Fire

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara will test clean areas to see how to proceed overall. This smoke damaged ceiling in Summerland was cleaned without the need for painting. This is know as clean to clean meaning no other work will be needed after cleaning is complete. 

SERVPRO techs restoring a car port in Santa Barbara, CA.

Carport fire in Santa Barbara

Car fires can be tough to clean up. Car fires are burned plastic, fuel and oils but, with elbow grease and the right chemicals, this Santa Barbara carport was cleaned, rebuilt and painted to make it "Like it never even happened." 

smoke detectors kept this fire from getting completely out of control!

The family in this Buellton home made it to safety in the middle of the night when the stove top hood vent caught on fire in their kitchen. The oldest boy of the family was able to use fire extinguisher to put the fire out.Relatively small amount of smoke and soot damage and no one was injured.

Please test those smoke detectors and keep fire extinguishers near by.

Saving is saving money and time

Javier with SERVPRO of Santa Barbara taking the time to save baseboard in this Buellton home for reuse. carefully removing the baseboard , pulling nails and marking the back so when it time for repairs it goes back on the same wall / place. this saves material costs and time (getting the material, cutting and less painting).

cleaning equipment

Clean Up Equipment

We Have What You Need

Fire damage at Goleta home required content cleaning. We packed out the contents and transported them to our facility for cleaning. We used a commercial ultrasonic cleaner to restore contents affected by water, smoke, and fire damage. This specialized equipment is more efficient and thorough than other methods of cleaning. If fire damage and smoke leave their mark on the contents of your property after the fire has been extinguished, call SERVPRO of Santa Barbara 24/7 at (805) 963-0606. We have the advanced equipment and methods to restore your belongings.