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Many air dryers in commercial hallway.

Commercial Water Experts Near You

A water loss on your commercial property in Goleta, CA, not only brings daily operations to a halt but can be way too difficult and overwhelming to handle on your own. You can count on our SERVPRO of Santa Barbara team to be there to take care of all your water damage cleanup and restoration needs!

State Street Storefront Has Water Damage From Above

SERVPRO knows how difficult business is under normal circumstances but when water or fire are added to the mix it can be almost impossible! SERVPRO works hard to get things done as quickly as possible.

This store was shut down for only a few weeks which seems like a long time but there was a lot to do! Pack out inventory, water mitigation, city permitting, rebuild and move back in. 

This empty apartment suffered a sewer backup

This empty apartment had a back water backup overflow the toilet and was unnoticed for weeks. The smell and microbial growth was as bad as it gets! This property manager called SERVPRO of Santa Barbara as soon as it was discovered. SERVPRO use only EPA registered antimicrobials with have certified kill lists and can be counted on to do the job. 

Once the area was sanitized SERVPRO removed all of the nonstructural building materials and sanitized again before drying and detail cleaning the structure. 

SERVPRO can be creative when it comes to getting things dried out

A little coil ducting and lay flat ducting can go a long ways to getting the hard to reach area dry. This Carpentaria Commercail building had a hard to reach water damage that was dried from the out side in. Saving the property manager loss of use issues.

water damage can compromise structural integrity

Sometimes we think water damage to a building can just be a inconvenience or only a issue for some people with allergies or compromised immune system. A water damage left alone or not undetected can cause major structural damage and can make a building unsafe. This Commercail building needed the exterior wall rebuild.

IR (infrared) cameras can make fast work of finding water damaged areas.

Although IR cameras only see temperature differences it can make fast work of finding water damage in a large area quickly. A few things make this happen. The water is often a different temperature then the material it has soaked into and evaporation causes a cooling effect. Only part of this Santa Ynez restaurant was only shut down for a short time. SERVPRO made it "Like it never even happened."

removing the odor and keeping the doors open for business

This commercial office building in Goleta had a flood that caused some bad odors. SERVPRO was able to use a Hydroxyl Generator to remove odor and help purify the area. They can be safely used around people, pets and plants a are minimally disruptive. The Hydroxyl Generators allowed parts of the office area to stay productive during the cleanup.