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What is the Design-Build Method?

11/17/2021 (Permalink)

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The design-build method is a project-delivery system used in the construction industry, where the designer and builder work together under a single contract. With this method of construction, the client is responsible for providing a project definition for the design-build team, which then gives them single-point responsibility for the project. Having one entity for construction can have many different benefits. According to the California Department of General Services, this helps expedite construction time-frames and may reduce the number of change orders, allowing the owner to occupy their project space as soon as possible. The increased productivity and organization drastically reduces both cost and time, keeping design and contractor fees to a minimum. Along with this, the increased efficiency that comes with this method of construction can also allow the owner to take on fewer duties and less risk. By simplifying the construction process and involving the contractor in the planning from the start, the design-build method offers various benefits over the traditional project delivery.

In a traditional project delivery, when something goes wrong, it is much harder for the contractor and designer to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, majority of the time they will blame each other for unforeseen circumstances which will often lead to delays or even litigation. In this type of project delivery, the owner is responsible for managing the two separate contracts which can be stressful. Whereas with the design-build method, any changes are addressed by the entire team together.

The design-build method seems to be the better option when starting a construction project. With it's many advantages, it has become increasingly more popular in the construction industry.

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Building and Construction Services

11/11/2021 (Permalink)

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Building and construction services include all labor and services provided in connection with the repair, demolition, construction, reconstruction, or other improvements to a property. This includes a wide spectrum of tasks and responsibilities in the course of a construction project.

Usually when starting construction, you start with pre-construction services. This is where your construction vision is discussed, analyzed, and made into a reality. These services will go over the basic questions needed to get the project going such as the cost and scheduling aspects.

Then there is construction project management, which happens throughout the whole process of construction. It starts with a planning phase where the team gathers all of the necessary permits, materials, workers, etc. to insure everything is in place for the project to finish.

After this is an execution phase, which is the most demanding stage of the process. This is where the team is constructing the project while making sure that it complies with the set plans and specifications.

Finally, there is a post-construction phase where areas of concern are looked into, such as resolving construction disputes or addressing any type of concern on site that may have came up during construction. 

Majority of construction projects are structured in this way with both a design and build team. However, lately, it has become increasingly popular to take on the design-build method. According to Wikipedia, the design-build method is a method to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity. This can help insure that a construction project works smoothly. Instead of multiple teams coming together for a project, it only involves one team that looks over all aspects of the project. Having the same team providing both the design and construction services, can boost your projects efficiency and minimize risk.

Along with this, there are also other building services that help prolong the life of a project. These services are conducted in order for buildings to be safe, practical, and comfortable. This can include fire safety prevention, alarm systems, drainage, ventilation, and more.

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Construction Tips and Planning

10/28/2021 (Permalink)

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Preparing for a construction project can be stressful. There are several important factors to consider that can make long-term impacts to the outcome of your project.  With the right attention and planning it could make all the difference.

One thing you should always think about when starting a new project is your budget. You will want to account for all costs and plan for any extra expenses that could be needed. The last thing you want is to get halfway through your project and realize you can't finish. Setting a budget and preparing for changes can help make the construction process smoother.

Another thing you should do is prepare for the future. For example, when selecting materials for building, you will want to think about the future of the space and if the materials are the right fit for the conditions it will be under. The materials you chose are important and can also go hand-in-hand with energy efficiency. Creating a more energy efficient design can help control long-term costs. The right materials and design can help make all the difference for the longevity of your project.

In addition, its also extremely important to have clear communication. You will need to make sure you clearly communicate your ideas to your contractor, design team, or architect. You will want to communicate frequently and continually stay up to date with projects to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Finally, one of the most important parts of your construction project is choosing the right company to work with. Selecting a qualified and knowledgeable staff with experience can ensure the project is done right.

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