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SERVPRO gets the Stink Out!

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

He may look cute, but I wouldn't want him in my house

There are all kinds of situations where your house ends up with a smell you do not want to have in it.  It could be from that smoker in the family or it could be from the smoke that comes from a fire.  Perhaps a skunk got into your home or maybe when you lost power, the food you had in your refrigerator began to rot.  

No matter what the cause is though, SERVPRO of Santa Barbara has the experience and the expertise to identify and eliminate the unpleasant aroma and help you to quickly get on with your life.  Our first course of action is to determine the source of the odor, and then, based upon our findings, we will put together a custom plan of attack that will terminate the foul odor.  Some smells are stubborn and will require more than one process in order to leave your home without a trace of the odor but SERVPRO of Santa Barbara is up for the challenge.

If your nose is sad from a stinky house, let SERVPRO of Santa Barbara try to make it happy.