Recent Before & After Photos

When the drain backs up at a popular Hotel Bar it needs to be back up and running ASAP!

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez/Goleta wasted no time responding to a local popular Hotel Bar in Santa Barbara when we got the call. They had a drain ba... READ MORE

Wildfire Smoke Damage in Santa Barbara

Tons of smoke and ash pour into the air while the wildfire is burning. All of this soot has to eventually land somewhere and any door, window, vent, or other o... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Hope Ranch

One of the things that you would probably not think about after the evacuation notices are lifted is that you may have lost power in your home while you were go... READ MORE

Water Comes Through a Ceiling in Goleta

A rain storm dropped substantial amounts of rain in the middle of the night. The roof was missing some shingles so the water found a way in to the attic and, b... READ MORE

Mudslide After Rains in Montecito

First came the Thomas Fire which burned up all of the vegetation on the mountain. Next came the torrential rain which brought trees and mud and rocks down from... READ MORE

A House Fire in Buellton

The boy was using his i Pad before school. When it was time to leave for school he made the mistake of leaving it plugged in to the charger and leaving the tab... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold in Santa Barbara

When this homeowner contacted SERVPRO due to a leaking supply line to the ice cube maker in the freezer, they were expecting that we would be able to dry everyt... READ MORE

Most local Santa Barabara area property managers trust SERVPRO for their building emergency needs.

SERVPRO of Santa Barbara provides service to a lot of property managers and independent property owners who have rental units. SERVPRO works hard to keep tenant... READ MORE

Fire smoke and soot clean up on this rental property in Santa Barbara

SERVPRO is often called in by, handy men, property managers, realtors, contractors and builders to help with cleaning up any kind off property damage or loss th... READ MORE

The bedroom fire was caused from a match thrown into a trash can !

We all love candles but they are something we should be extra careful with them. According to NFPA (the National Fire Protection Association) only 3% of fires a... READ MORE